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Indonesia to allow back destructive seine and trawl nets in its waters by Basten Gokkon June 15,2020   |  Source: Mongabay

Indonesia plans to lift a ban on the use of seine and trawl nets, which were outlawed under the country’s previous fisheries minister for threatening the sustainability of the country’s fish stocks.

The ministry, led by Edhy Prabowo, said earlier this week a revision to the 2016 ban would allow fishers to once again use two-boat purse seine net (known locally as pukat cincin), one-boat seine nets (payang), Danish seine nets (cantrang), and shrimp bottom trawl nets (pukat hela dasar udang). Edhie, who took office last year, has argued for the use of these nets to boost catches and in turn attract greater investment in Indonesia’s marine capture fishery, the world’s second biggest.

“Certainly, there will be national standards applied, including environmentally friendly standards. We’ll also be able to control the use through regulations, quota and monitoring,” Trian Yunanda, the director of fish resources management at the ministry, said in a public discussion June 9.

Edhie’s predecessor, Susi Pudjiastuti, banned the use of these types of nets because of their high potential for overexploitation, bycatch and damage to the marine ecosystem. Her decision was largely praised abroad by marine scientists and conservation biologists, but was opposed domestically


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