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There is still time to save the oceans, says Jacques Cousteau's grandson by LAURENT BANGUET June 08,2020   |  Source: AFP

It's not too late to save the oceans from destruction, says the grandson of famed French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau.

AFP sat down with Philippe Cousteau, an environmentalist and oceanographer in his own right, on the eve of World Oceans Day, held on June 8.

The means to saving the oceans are known, he said, and keeping them from destruction is a simple question of political will.

What is the state of the oceans today compared to what your grandfather Jacques Cousteau experienced?

"One can go back and look at footage from the (film) Silent World that he did in the 1950s, diving off the coast of southern France, and you see reefs and abundant fish.

"I've been diving in those same places. And to see the decline in the health in the Mediterranean, I mean much of the Mediterranean today is essentially dead.

"It's shocking in a lifetime. What you saw after WWII was an enormous industrial explosion and population growth around the world that began to really impact these ecosystems.

"The Caribbean has more or less declined, the Florida Keys is a dead zone, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia... I was there just two years ago and I had tears in my eyes.

"The decline is perhaps summed up best in this one statistic: In my lifetime -- I've just turned 40 -- the


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