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Coronavirus: New Zealand fishers hope to be at sea until lockdown ends by Amber-Leigh Woolf March 26,2020   |  Source: Stuff

The coronavirus threat in New Zealand is 'like a bad horror film', fishers say, and they're heading to sea to get away from it.

Sanford Fisheries has been deemed an essential service during New Zealand's pending lockdown, and the fishers can't wait to get out to sea.

On Tuesday Taylah Pilcher, a general hand on a fishing trawler, was waiting to board the Interislander to get to Timaru before all domestic travel is banned.

"I never thought I'd be so happy to see work again."

Driving from the far north to Timaru where she will sail from had been daunting, she said.

"I am on the luckier side, and I get to leave land and be away from this, and do my own self-isolation."

Pilcher said she would've wanted to have stayed on land, but now that the country is preparing for lockdown, she is eager to leave.

"It's like a bad horror film," she said.

"My job is basically my everything at the moment."

She felt fortunate to be considered an essential worker in these times, she said.

All those heading out to sea will be tested for the coronavirus before sailing. Until she goes, Pilcher said she must self-isolate.

Six weeks away was a normal time to be out fishing, she said.

If she returned in six weeks to find the country still in lockdown, Pilcher


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