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Coronavirus in Ireland – Fishermen block foreign trawlers from arriving at Kerry port over Covid-19 fears by Ann Mooney March 26,2020   |  Source: The Irish Sun

Irish fishermen concerned about foreign fishermen arriving in their ports without any restrictions or checks blocked a Kerry port yesterday.

The locals prevented Spanish and French trawlers from unloading their catches in Dingle but they insist this is a health and not a fishing issue.

On Sunday, Irish trawlers were tied up indefinitely because of the Coronavirus crisis and handed out thousands of euro of free fish to local people in the ports.

In Castletownbere in West Cork, local fishermen say they will not allow counterparts from other countries to land on the pier.

One said: “They are not checked or quarantined when they arrive here.

“The Government and the Minister for Fisheries need to take hold of this dangerous situation and implement rules that will ban them from landing at our ports and visiting the towns while this crisis is continuing”.

The fishermen in Dingle and in Castletownbere are fully supported by the local communities who are in fear of the lack of rules and regulations regarding the visitors.

The protest is expected to hit other Irish fishing ports along the entire coast.

The fishermen say in both Dingle and Castletownbere, while they will allow trucks down with oil to enable the vessels to refuel, they will not be allowing


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