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"Wild vs. farmed" debate hurts seafood sales, GAA panel agrees by Sam Hill February 13,2020   |  Source: SeafoodSource

With both aquaculture standards and fisheries management practices improving steadily, panelists at a roundtable discussion hosted by the Global Aquaculture Alliance said it is time for the seafood industry to call a cease-fire in the “wild versus farmed” debate and launch a joint effort to increase U.S. seafood consumption across the board.

The debate, titled “Come Together: Uniting the Wild and Farmed Seafood Sectors,” focused on how the U.S. seafood industry help land more seafood onto American dinner plates.

Global Aquaculture Alliance President George Chamberlain, who assisted in founding the GAA as a science-based nonprofit promoting responsible aquaculture practices in 1997, led off the discussion by reviewing the origins of the “wild versus farmed” debate.

“My experience with this goes back to the 1970s. At that time, aquaculture was more of an experiment and fisheries were by far the mainstream – in some circles, aquaculture was almost a joke,” Chamberlin said. “As you fast-forward through time, fisheries landings began to plateau and aquaculture started to take off exponentially. It’s really been a remarkable transition.”

Despite the rise of aquaculture globally and in the U.S., a constant competition between wild-caught and


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