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The women who don't want to receive 'fishermen’s kisses' January 23,2020   |  Source: CornwLIVE

They may be known as “Fishermen’s Kisses”, but the ladies of the Cornish Plastic Pollution Coalition don’t want them.

When fishermen repair their nets at sea, plastic fragments of net often find their way into the water.

Groups who regularly clean the beaches of Whitsand Bay in South East Cornwall say that in just a few recent outings they have collected 10,000 of these pieces, which they have dubbed “Fishermen’s Kisses”.

Now they have launched a competition asking fishermen to come up with ways of getting rid of one of the most pervasive forms of marine litter washing up on South West beaches.

A short film, “Fishermen’s Kisses”, by the Cornish Plastic Pollution Coalition, highlights the extent of this problem.

Prizes, including Elka Unlimited fishermen’s smocks and Waterhaul sunglasses, made from recycled fishing net, will be awarded to the best ideas to help prevent the loss of these small offcuts of net that are often blown or washed into the sea when nets are being fixed.

Claire Wallerstein, of Rame Peninsula Beach Care, which is part of the coalition, said: “We know most fishermen care a lot about the marine environment, and many are also already doing an amazing job through schemes like Fishing for Litter, which enables them to

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