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President Macri: 'Electricity production in Argentina will be be greenhouse gas free by 2040' December 04,2019   |  Source: Buenos Aires Times

Argentinian resident Mauricio Macri landed in Madrid yesterday to participate in the 25th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 25), kicking off his farewell tour and last week in office.

In the Spanish capital, the Cambiemos leader spoke about his government’s “vision” for diminishing the country’s carbon footprint, stating that electricity production in Argentina will be “greenhouse-gas-free by 2040”

In his presentation to the conference, Macri explained that Argentina is “working on a strategy for long-term emission reductions” with the aim of carbon neutrality by 2050.

In an evaluation of his four years in office, the president detailed that “renewable energy, excluding hydroelectric, used to only account for only one percent of Argentina’s national electricity production” prior to him taking office.

“This year we surpassed eight percent, and in 2025 we will reach 20 percent, and we project that in 2040, electricity production will be free of greenhouse gas emissions,” the PRO party leader concluded.

Macri was speaking to fellow participating heads of state at Madrid's IFEMA exposition centre, which became the last-minute host of the COP25 summit following violent protests gripped its original host country, Chile. The


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