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Fishing sector's equality shortfall December 02,2019   |  Source: World Fishing

Ahead of the FAO Fisheries Responsibility Symposium which brought together 800 experts in Rome earlier this month, Meryl Williams and WSI, the International Organisation for Women in the Seafood Industry, prepared a summary of their latest understanding of marine resource mismanagement.

Their assessment demonstrates that the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 5, which encompasses gender equality and women’s empowerment, is far from being met in the fisheries environment.

“It has been so far dramatically overlooked by private and public stakeholders. The focus of the fisheries expert communities is on Sustainable Development Goal 14 – Life Below Water – and this is one of the few SDGs that has no gender-specific targets. This complex subject and its ability to contribute to sustainability and be affected by it, are largely misunderstood,” Meryl Williams said.

“Fisheries sustainability in its environmental dimension is a crucial subject that relies on the responsibility of all stakeholders both private or public. Unfortunately, evidence proves that it has dramatically failed, and we consider that SDG 14 will never be attained if 50% of the population it affects is not taken into consideration.”

The WSI assessment of ‘marine resource


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