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Super-trawler Margiris operating in English Channel Marine Conservation Zone November 07,2019   |  Source: OCEANOGRAPHIC

Greenpeace UK has discovered through analysis that the super-trawler Margiris was fishing in an English Channel Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ), which was designated by the government in 2016. UK law enforcement boarded the Margiris soon after arriving in the Channel, finding no evidence of illegal activity.

Greenpeace UK wrote in a statement regarding the activity: “This is permitted under the Marine Conservation Zone’s management plan, which commits to ensuring the ‘subtidal coarse sediments, subtidal mixed sediments, subtidal sand’ marine habitats ‘remain in a favorable condition’. However, no specific management measures have been put in place since it was designated in 2016.”

Since designation, no specific management measures have been implemented in this area according to the Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC), advisor to the UK government on nature conservation. The damaging trawling method used by the Margiris and other industrial fishers are still permitted, despite the fact that the area was designated to protect the sandy seabed in the area, which is an important habitat for a variety of species. This includes an undulated ray that is classed as ‘endangered’ on the IUCN threatened species list.

“This highlights the UK government’s



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