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Yemen: How fishing communities are fighting back by Paul Ireland September 12,2019   |  Source: NRC

“The sea is our source of livelihood. Without the sea we cannot live,” says Suleiman, a 45-year-old fisherman from Hodeidah. Coastal communities in Yemen have suffered greatly in the ongoing bloody conflict. Fishing boats, ports and processing sites have been destroyed or damaged, and many fishermen have lost their lives. For Suleiman, the risks became too great, and he was forced to flee with his wife and seven children.

Now, the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) is helping to revive the fishing industry in southern Yemen, rebuilding essential facilities so that fishermen like Suleiman can continue to support their families. “I know many fishermen who have been killed at sea and in the fish market. They were without sin and had no connection to politics or the state.”
Suleiman, 45, a fisherman from Hodeidah, now living in Ras Emran, near Aden. Suleiman, 45, is a fisherman from Hodeidah. He used to have his own small boat, but was forced to flee with his family when conflict hit the fishing industry.

Fishing in Yemen

Mention Yemen and fishing, and many people think of the 2011 film Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, starring Ewan McGregor. However, this whimsical story, about an attempt to introduce the sport of fly fishing to the Yemeni desert, has little to do with

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