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Respecting the other: Leading fisheries practitioner calls for greater research collaboration at MARE conference August 07,2019   |  Source: World Fish Center

A WorldFish honorary fellow has called for scientists and policymakers from around the world to listen and respect each other’s values more to better serve the fisher people of the world.

This is critical to strengthening research collaborations and addressing areas of ignorance, said reflective practitioner Dr. John Kurien.

Kurien’s comments were made at the MARE People and the Sea conference (24–28 June 2019), where he was addressing over 300 marine social scientists, practitioners and policymakers during the closing science policy plenary discussion.

Scientifically assessing and sustainably managing the ocean is one of the biggest challenges of our times, requiring groups from science and politics to come together to shape governance schemes.

“The science-policy interface represents a meeting point of two powerful groups. It’s a socio-political process in which the two interact—hopefully for the overall good of society at large,” said Kurien at the conference held in Amsterdam.

“Keeping this in mind, when we overlay the unequal relations between the global north and south on top of this, the power play gets further exacerbated.”

Reflecting on ways to enable better research cooperation between the global north and south, Kurien offered a

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