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UN oceans envoy Thomson backs Chile to assume leadership on IUU fight by Matt Craze August 09,2019   |  Source: UCN

Peter Thomson, who is leading the United Nations’ "Goal 14" initiative for sustainable use of the oceans and marine resources, met with Chilean president Sebastian Pinera and other key policymakers to back the South American country's leadership in combating illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing.

Thomson’s visit coincided with a meeting of representatives of the Pacific Alliance, which includes Chile, Peru, Colombia and Mexico, to discuss IUU issues. The four Latin American countries represent most of Latin America’s western seaboard. Chile is also key in this alliance because it has pushed for neighboring countries to allow no ports of refuge for IUU vessels.

Two key components in the UN’s Goal 14 initiative are to eradicate IUU by 2020 and also convince governments to cut subsidies that have contributed to overcapacity of vessels and overfishing in the Pacific Ocean. Thomson discussed both topics in a series of meetings in Santiago with Pinera and Pacific Alliance representatives.

“If we want to start combating illegal fishing in the Pacific, the place is Chile,” Thomson told reporters in Santiago Wednesday.

Chile as host of the UN Climate Change Summit 2019 in December this year will highlight the importance of protecting oceans,


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