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50 Thai fishermen stranded on fishing vessels in Somalian sea appeal for help August 05,2019   |  Source: thaivisaNEWS

About 50 Thai fishermen, stranded on board two fishing vessels in the sea of Somalia with their water, food and fuel running low, are appealing for help to get them back to Thailand.

In a video call from one of the fisherman, whose home is in Thailand’s northeastern province of Buri Ram and is aboard one of the two fishing boats, made to his friends working in Phuket, he reportedly said that there are 18 of them, who hail from the Lahan Sai district of Buri Ram and were lured to work as fishermen in Somalia by an employer whose name was not disclosed.

The fisherman said that they had not been paid for about five months and 50 Thais, and ten others of different nationalities, were stranded on the vessels floating in the sea of Somalia without fuel and are running short of food and water. He said they are desperate for help from any state agency.


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