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Fisheries damage in flood-hit Bangladesh districts to exceed Tk 30cr August 02,2019   |  Source: The Daily Star

The floods this year have inflicted a severe blow to fish farms in affected districts of Bangladesh, including Gaibandha and Tangail where partial damage estimation so far amounts to around Tk 30 crore.

According to fisheries department in Gaibandha, fish from as many as 6,290 ponds and hatcheries were washed away by the flood, causing Tk 26.84 crore worth of damage to farmers in six out of seven upazilas in the district.

The total number of affected farmers is no less than five thousand, as per an estimate by the department.

With water flowing a record 150 centimetres above danger mark in more than 400 villages of 49 unions, including two municipalities, the flood also damaged crops and dwellings belonging to thousands of inhabitants as well as infrastructures including roads and embankments.

Losing their crops and fisheries, a large number of the affected people took refuge at nearby shelters.

There were 6,290 ponds and hatcheries on 760 hectares of land in the six upazilas and an estimated 2,060 tonnes of fish and around 1.11 crore fish fries from the fisheries were washed away by floodwaters, fisheries department officials said.

The department also estimated that Tk 2.06 crore worth of infrastructural damage has been sustained by the fisheries in the


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