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Indonesia's Fisheries Minister Susi says goodbye, tells fishermen to keep foreign ships away July 18,2019   |  Source: The Jakarta Post

Indonesia's Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Minister Susi Pudjiastuti has said goodbye to fishermen with her term set to come to an end in October and urged people to prevent foreign fishing vessels from entering Indonesian waters.

She made her statement while talking to dozens of fishermen and other maritime stakeholders in Tarempa Island, Anambas, Riau Islands, on Wednesday.

“There are no longer foreign fishing vessels [operating in your waters]. Don’t let them come back,” said Susi, who has been known for the tough action she has taken against foreign vessels. During her five-year term, more than 300 foreign vessels were sunk for operating illegally in Indonesian waters.

As the minister made her farewell remarks, dozens of fishermen shouted: “Go on, go on, go on ....”

“Is it you who chooses who is a minister?” Susi responded jokingly to the crowd as quoted by tempo.co.

During the meeting, Susi also told the fishermen not to practice illegal fishing methods that could damage the environment and the sea’s biodiversity, such as using poison or bombs.

She also stressed the importance of tourism development for improving the welfare of fishing communities. “If you want the tourism sector to grow, you have to protect your seas. Don’t let


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