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Still menaced by flooding, Louisiana dodges a storm’s worst blows by Emily Lane, David Montgomery and Richard Fausset July 14,2019   |  Source: NYT

Tropical Storm Barry’s second day on land brought waves of both relief and worry on Sunday. The slow-moving storm continued to kick up funnel clouds, tornadoes and sheets of heavy rain in parts of Louisiana, leaving some coastal communities with waterlogged homes and flooded roads. But the state’s largest metropolitan areas, New Orleans and Baton Rouge, appeared to have avoided catastrophic flooding.

One of the most serious concerns as Sunday dawned was the possibility that heavy runoff from the storm would swell the Amite and Comite Rivers over their banks. The overflowing of those two rivers in 2016 contributed to a deluge that swamped thousands of homes. But Barry failed to deliver on the worst-case rainfall predictions, and many flood warnings were canceled later in the day.

It was a break met with joy in an area where some people had only just finished repairing houses damaged in the 2016 flood, and where others were still not back in their old homes.

The possibility of repeat flooding was “extremely emotionally stressful,” said Layton Ricks, president of Livingston Parish, just east of Baton Rouge.

Sunday’s forecast showed that the Amite was expected to crest well below the 46-foot level of three summers ago, when about 83 percent of the parish was


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