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Sustainability is on the hook as Cuba adopts new fisheries law, EDF says July 14,2019   |  Source: EDF

The government of Cuba enacted sweeping reforms of its fishing laws over the weekend, putting the island nation on a course to increase protection for some of the world’s most important and vibrant marine ecosystems while also ensuring a future for its fishers.

The new law, which is the first national change in more than 20 years (Decree Law 164 of 1996), represents a major shift in Cuba’s current fisheries policy. It includes provisions to curtail illegal fishing, recover fish populations and protect small-scale fishers in coastal communities. Its passage will also help ensure coordinated management of marine resources between Cuba and other countries in the region, including the United States.

At the center of the law is a mandate for a science-based, adaptive conservation approach to managing depleted fish populations, according to the Environmental Defense Fund, which has been working actively in Cuba over the past two decades to help foster greater sustainability and conservation in the country’s fishery resources.

“Cuba has made a great leap towards adopting best management practices for its fisheries,” said Dan Whittle, Caribbean Director, Environmental Defense Fund. “It’s important for the people of Cuba, and also a significant step in


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