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IPC for food sovereignty: IPC Fisheries Working Group workshop, Botswana, 10-12 July 2019 July 15,2019   |  Source: IPC

From 10 to 12 of July in Kasane, Botswana, the IPC (International Committee of Planning for food sovereignty) Working Group on Fisheries is participating to the Pan African workshop on Strengthening non-state actor (NSA) platforms and their representation at regional and global levels for sustainable small-scale fisheries in Africa.

The IPC participated in the workshop with 5 delegates from each of the African sub-regions to start to coordinate the global process of the Global Strategic Framework in Support of the Implementation of the SSF Guidelines (SSF-GSF) with the African Union process and to have recognized SSF organizations at the lead of the process of implementation of the Guidelines beyond FAO in Rome.

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