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Labor exploitation, illegal fishing continue to plague Asian Seas by James X. Morris June 17,2019   |  Source: The Diplomat

A new report from the Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF) should be cause for alarm for many leaders in the Indo-Pacific. Entitled “Blood and Water: Human rights abuse in the global seafood industry,” the report provides the latest information on “cases of slavery, debt bondage, insufficient food and water, filthy living conditions, physical and sexual assault, and even murder” occurring on fishing vessels flying flags from 13 countries, both developing and developed, from Asia and South America to the European Union and United States. Such labor abuses are a result of dwindling fish stocks in overexploited oceans, forcing the industry to rely on cheap labor in order to turn profits. Out on the high seas, the potential for abuse and exploitation remains high. The result is a global nontraditional security crisis in the making.

Illegal, unregulated, and unreported (IUU) fishing and labor exploitation is rampant in the global fishing industry, particularly because of the difficulty of monitoring activities on the vast high seas. Asia appears to be at the epicenter of the global fisheries crisis. In the past I have written reports for The Diplomat on labor issues in Taiwan’s fishing fleets, Thailand’s efforts to halt poachers from neighboring countries in its

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