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WTO must act to reverse depletion of fish stocks by ROBERTO AZEVÊDO June 17,2019   |  Source: New Straits Times

RECENT studies on the health of oceans offer evidence that fish stocks are being depleted. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation says 33 per cent of global stocks are overfished compared with 10 per cent in 1974. In some regions, the picture is more dire, with 60 per cent of stocks overfished in the Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea, Southeast Pacific and Southwest Atlantic.

According to a UN report issued last month, the pace of species extinction was accelerating and that roughly one million animal and plant species faced extinction within decades. About a third of reef-forming corals, sharks and marine mammals were threatened with extinction. Two-thirds of the global marine environment had been altered by human actions. More than 40 million people worldwide earn their living through fishing. Fish makes up 20 per cent of the protein intake for 3.2 billion people, a matter of relevance for the 164 members of the World Trade Organisation.

Negotiations are under way at the World Trade Organisation to prohibit the use of government subsidies for fishermen who engage in illegal, unreported or unregulated fishing that leads to overcapacity and overfishing. Additionally, an agreement to curb fishing subsidies would ensure the viability of smaller enterprises and

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