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China approves joint conference system for natural disaster prevention April 09,2019   |  Source: reliefweb

The State Council of China released a circular on April 9, approving an inter-ministerial joint conference system regarding prevention work against natural disasters.

The joint conference system was initiated by the Ministry of Emergency Management, the National Development and Reform Commission, and the Ministry of Finance.

According to the circular, the joint conference system will act as a guidance and monitor for departments concerned to better coordinate, in a bid to efficiently tackle major issues that arise during demonstrations and implementations of natural disaster prevention projects.

The joint conference consists of 14 concerned departments and units, helmed by the Ministry of Emergency Management, NDRC, and the Ministry of Finance.

Huang Ming, secretary of the Party Leadership Group of the Ministry of Emergency Management, Lian Weiliang, deputy director of NDRC, and Yu Weiping, vice-minister of finance, will act as conveners for the joint conferences.

There will be at least one joint conference a year held by the conveners, and other member units can submit motions to initiate a meeting as well.

The joint conferences can be attended by some of the members as well as invited participants from other departments.

A meeting of member liaisons may be

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