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Ghana’s fishing industry needs women’s voices by Charles Smith March 08,2019   |  Source: Modern Ghana

Women play a crucial role in Ghana’s fisheries and the current crisis in the country’s fish stocks cannot be fully solved without their input in decision making, says a report released by the Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF) and partner Hen Mpoano today.

The new report "Gender Analysis: Ghana's Artisanal Fisheries 2019", released today on International Women’s Day, highlights the powerful roles of women in Ghana’s fisheries. Women own canoes, finance fishing trips by paying for fuel, in Central region, while in Ada, a suburb of the Greater Accra and Volta regions, women are out on the river with the men, fishing and catching clams.

The Konkohemaa (queen fishmonger) – preside at the landing beaches, speaking on behalf of the other women to negotiate the price of fish, or mediate issues with fishermen. By funding fishing trips, women have traditionally secured themselves a portion of the catch. But now, with fish stocks at crisis point, old community relations are fraying, and fish instead go to the highest bidder.

Women play a key role in the fisheries and stand to lose just as much from the crashing fish stocks, yet they have little control or even input overfishing practices.

Collective action is required to improve the state of Ghana’s fisheries,


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