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Fifth Our Ocean Conference generates US$10.7 bn in pledges by Catherine Benson Wahlén November 06,2018   |  Source: IISD

The fifth Our Ocean Conference generated 305 commitments to maintain the sustainability of our oceans. Commitments focus on the Conference’s six themes: marine protected areas (MPAs); sustainable fisheries; marine pollution; climate change; sustainable blue economy; and maritime security. The US$10.7 billion in pledges represent commitments from a wide range of actors, with governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and the corporate sector announcing the majority of the commitments.

The Conference convened from 29-30 October in Bali, Indonesia, and focused on the theme, ‘Our Ocean, Our Legacy,’ with participants reflecting on choices and actions to maintain the sustainability of ocean resources and to preserve ocean health, as heritage presented for our children and grandchildren. The 2018 Conference also featured the third ‘Our Ocean, Our Legacy Youth Leadership Summit.’

Indonesia announced 23 commitments, amounting to over US$80 million. In addition, President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, said the government has met its commitment of conserving 20 million hectares of its sea, two years earlier than its target date of 2020. Indonesia’s commitments focus on improving management effectiveness of existing MPAs, designating additional MPAs and protecting


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