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Exportation of Barbuda’s lobster should be denied – Fisheries Division report July 07,2018   |  Source: Daily Observer

The Fisheries Division conducted a preliminary inspection on Tuesday, March 27, 2018 of the Barbuda Fisheries Complex and determined that permission for the Barbuda Fisheries Complex to resume operations with respect to the packaging and inspection of live lobster to the EU and other countries should be denied.

The Fisheries Division as the National Competent Authority for export of fish and fishery products to the European Union, including member states, overseas countries and territories, conducted the inspection after EU approved lobster exporters requested to resume operations (lobster packaging and inspection etc.) from the facility following its closure after the passage of Hurricane Irma in September 2017.

Acting Deputy Chief Fisheries Officer Ian Horsford, spearheaded the preliminary inspection and submitted the report entitled, “General Condition of the Barbuda Fisheries Complex Six Months post-Hurricane Irma regarding Export Readiness”, on April 30, to Cheryl Jeffrey-Appleton, Chief Fisheries Officer.

The report specifically detailed the unwarranted state of the facility and made a number of recommendations, including “an urgent need for the Barbuda Fisheries Complex to be turned over to the local and national management authority, the Barbuda Council


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