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Food insecurity prevails among 32 per cent of fishermen in Benin June 11,2018   |  Source: www.knowledge4food.net

Despite its contribution to the livelihoods of more than 300,000 individuals, to food security and nutrition in Benin, the fishery sector receives less attention from research and policymakers compared to other agricultural sectors. A study conducted among 1,066 inland fishers (including 227 fisherwomen) provided critical information about their activities, vulnerability, resilience and water sharing rules.

Concerning personal characteristics, 32 per cent of the fishermen experienced a situation where there was no meal (5 per cent) or only a single meal (28 per cent) one day or more in a month, with highest percentages in Porto-Novo (12 and 64 per cent, respectively) followed by a large middle group (Cotonou, Ganvie, Houedome, So-Ava, Vekky and Zoungame). Fishermen are also characterised by a high illiteracy rate (approximately 80 per cent), which restricts labour opportunities; the large percentage of fishermen (58 per cent) who work outside the sector are mostly involved in low-wage labour activities. Hence, a substantial part of the fisher community faces food insecurity and limited opportunities to improve this situation by finding other well-paid jobs.

Fishermen are clearly entrepreneurs who invest in their own techniques and tools. Despite their illiteracy, most know


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