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Fish sellers on Kenya-Uganda border call for harmony in trade by RACHEL KIBUI April 16,2018   |  Source: The Nation

It is a chilly morning at the Busia Polytechnic. From a distance, one is welcomed by a fish aroma which whets your appetite for freshly cooked fish. On approaching the institution, you find tens of dealers who have displayed fish in various forms. Though Busia is a major fish trade hub, this is the first time the border town is hosting a fish exhibition. The exhibition is the brainchild of World Fish, a non-governmental organisation that runs a project dubbed Fish Trade. Fish Trade is funded by the European Union, New Partnership for African Development (Nepad) and the African Union.

Fish Products

On this day, stakeholders in the fish sector from Uganda and Kenya have gathered to showcase various products and services in this sector. Some of them have brought dried fish, others have fillet, others fresh fish, ice cubes and others have omena. Yet others are busy, making different fish dishes and traditional accompaniments from both Kenyan and Ugandan cultures. “We are here to showcase our products as well as address issues affecting fish trade across the border,” says Charles Achieng’ the Kenyan chairman of Busia Cross Border Traders Association. Trade along this boarder, he adds, can only thrive if there is harmonisation between the Kenyan and Ugandan

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