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Thriller in Manila: Popping the Pacific’s US$22 billion ‘tuna bubble by Fatu Tauafiafi (Jemima Garrett and Lisa Williams-Lahari contributed to this report.) January 09,2018   |  Source: FFA

The two principal priorities for Pacific small island states are climate change and fisheries. One seeks finance and redress from rich developed countries for whose industries and lifestyles are the root causes of human-induced climate change. The other aims to manage, preserve and fight for equitable benefits from its vast fisheries and ocean’s wealth currently exploited and robbed by rich developed and developing countries on the seas and in the boardrooms.

The high drama in Manila at the December 2017 Pacific tuna negotiations resulted in decisions with far-reaching implications for the ordinary weavers, planters and fishers across the Pacific.

As we start down the road of 2018, it is now just under a month since the Pacific Tuna Commission’s 33 member nations and affiliates negotiated what was termed in ‘bubble-speak’ a ‘mixed bag’ of ‘conservation and management measures’.

‘Measures’ are sets of complex rules to achieve the goal of sustainably managing fishing activities. In this case, members were negotiating access and rights for the world’s largest and most abundant tuna fisheries, those in the Western Central Pacific Ocean (WCPO).

Held in the Filipino capital of Manila, this was the 14th meeting of an annual series that started in

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