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New online training for sustainable fisheries management translated to Spanish by Alexis Rife January 10,2018   |  Source: EDF

Fishing is essential to the livelihoods of hundreds of millions of people—from food to income, it supports vibrant coastal communities. The health and prosperity of these communities depends on their ability to manage their fisheries sustainably and address critical challenges such as overfishing.

This is apparent in Latin America and Spain, also known as the hispanoparlante (or Spanish-speaking) world. Spanish is the official language in 20 countries, 95% of which are coastal. These countries account for over 12% of global catch.

Fisheries in Latin America, however, face many of the same challenges that other fisheries around the world do: overfishing and mismanagement which is threatening the loss of these fisheries and of the livelihoods of those whom rely upon them.

In order to meet the needs of communities in Spanish-speaking regions all over the globe, EDF is excited to offer EDF’s Virtual Fisheries Academy in Spanish as La Academia Virtual de Pesquerías.

Through the Academia Virtual de Pesquerías, EDF hopes to build the knowledge and skills of fisheries practitioners—including fishermen, managers, industry, consultants and scientists—to develop and implement sustainable fisheries management systems, wherever they are working. The Academy houses a set


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