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Spain and Portugal propose joint fisheries plan by ANSAmed December 04,2017   |  Source: http://www.ansamed.info/ansamed/en/news/nations/portugal/2017/12/04/spain-and-portugal-propose-joint-fisheries-plan_be51673b-0f70-4bc8-83d4-41693e95dd1c.html

Spain and Portugal have presented a joint proposal to Brussels for 2018 on fisheries quotas of sardines and anchovies.

Iberian media report that a limit of 14,600 tonnes is set in the proposal, a 16.5% drop on 2017, and a reduction of the fishing season from 8 to 6 months - from May to October. The plan is opposed by Andalusian fishermen and a protest was staged on Sunday by those of the Barbate port in Cadiz. "The catch limit would not enable us to survive", the head of the 400-member Barbate fishermen's association said on the radio.

The association wants the plan revised, making it possible to maintain current employment levels, and have said they will be putting on further protests if their demands are not met. "If the recommendations of the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) were to be followed by the European Commission", the fishermen's association said. ''All fishing of sardines an anchovies in the territorial waters of Spain and Portugal would be prohibited".


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