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Five-year access to tuna-rich fishery is Philippines priority December 04,2017   |  Source: Undercurrent News

The Philippines is seeking to secure a five-year extension of its access to the tuna-rich "high seas pocket one" (HSP1,) to sustain the growth of the local fisheries sector, reports Business Mirror, citing the country's department of agriculture.

Continued access to HSP1 is one of the country’s priority agendas at the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) meeting being held in Manila from Dec. 3-7.

The four-year access to the HSP1 granted by the WCPFC to the Philippines in 2013 is expiring this year.

The Philippines caught a combined total of 333,209 metric tons of tuna (bigeye, skipjack and yellowfin) from commercial and municipal fisheries in 2016, according to its annual report submitted to the WCPFC in August.

The same report also indicated that the Philippines caught a total of 24,424t from HSP1 last year. Only 32 Filipino vessels entered HSP1 for 2016.


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