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Good governance crucial to resolving land tenure rights in Africa November 09,2017   |  Source: AllAfrica

Day two of the 6th Capitalization Meeting began with presentations which focused on addressing the tenure of fisheries, a mid-term review of the European Union Land Governance Program, and addressing disputes and conflicts related to tenure rights on the continent.

In his presentation, Yaw Ansah of the Food and Agriculture Organization, discussed the Voluntary Guidelines for Securing Small Scale Fisheries in the Context of Food Security and Poverty Eradication. He spoke on the important use of the guidelines to redistribute marine lands efficiently and equitably to protect the livelihood and industry of small scale fishermen.

Joachim Knoth from the EU discussed the mid-term review of the EU Land Governance Program. He summarized the successes and challenges that the program has faced in the last three years since its inception. The most evident being the inconsistency of evaluation methods between the 18 countries currently implementing the program.

Project implementers discussed different areas of tenure rights after being separated into three groups.

The topics discussed were: How to secure tenure land rights for the marginalized; what is the proper methodology for institutional data collection, and how to roll out the VGGT.

The common theme in all three


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