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Migori: Fishermen demand protection from harassment by Ugandan police by Kepher Otieno and Caleb Kingwara November 14,2017   |  Source: Standard Media

Fishermen in Sori, Muhuru Bay, Tagache and Lwanda Konyango beaches have complained of harassment by Ugandan police. They claimed many of them had lost fishing gear worth millions of shillings after they were arrested by Ugandan marine police for trespassing. Ugandan authorities have intensified patrols on the lake.

Last week, seven Kenyan fishermen from Migingo Island were arrested and later released after local leaders protested. Now, local fishermen from Nyatike constituency are demanding Government protection. According to Bernard Okombo, the chairman of Tagache Beach Management Unit, a number of fishermen are contemplating quitting the trade. Last week, Lake Victoria Basin Members of Parliament protested against harassment of Kenyan fishermen by Uganda. Led by Gwassi MP John Mbadi, they demanded State protection for the region's fishermen. Two Members of the County Assembly, Brian Osodo and Evron Maira, called for Kenyan police patrols on the lake to protect local fishermen.


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