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Why must Brexit talks move onto trade so urgently? by Alasdair Sandford November 13,2017   |  Source: euronews

If Brexit was a football match, then half-time was reached this weekend between kick-off (23 June 2016, the day of the UK referendum) and the final whistle (29 March 2017, the date the UK leaves the EU). There is of course the possibility of extra time – but the green light has still not been given for talks on a transition or implementation period.

Across all sectors of the economy, and increasingly on the continent as well as in Britain, alarm calls have rung out for negotiations to move onto post-Brexit relations, fast. The obstacle – the impasse on priority issues – has raised the possibility of no deal being reached: acceptable or even desirable for some, catastrophic say many others.

The word “uncertainty” has peppered the Brexit debate across a range of issues from citizens’ rights and the labour market, to the Irish border, future funding, regulations – and especially, trade arrangements. The message from many in business: clarity is needed now.

With British and European business leaders due to meet UK Prime Minister Theresa May on Monday, here is a selection of recent comments from key players across the economy in Britain and in Europe.

Farming and fishing

As well as trade, agriculture is also concerned about migrant labour, costs and


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