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Something fishy? Bluefin tuna not recovered; regulators say catch more by Matthew O. Berger November 09,2017   |  Source: Oceans Deeply

A recommendation to increase quotas for the valuable but imperiled Atlantic bluefin tuna, despite a finding that the species has not rebounded from decades of overfishing, underlines a lack of reliable data on the fish.

After a decade of efforts to revive Atlantic bluefin tuna populations decimated by overfishing, conservationists were eagerly awaiting a study expected to report good news about the fortunes of a fish that can grow to the size of a car and fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars on the sushi market.

They were disappointed.

The International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tuna (ICCAT), the organization that tracks and manages Atlantic bluefin, did not find that populations had recovered when it released the results of its annual stock assessment last month.

Yet the same scientists who reached that conclusion also recommended allowing catches of eastern Atlantic bluefin to increase by 52 percent. Western Atlantic bluefin catches could grow by 25 percent. By 2020, annual quotas for eastern Atlantic bluefin could rise to 36,000 metric tons a year – a record high, according to conservationists. Quotas for western Atlantic bluefin could increase to 2,500 metric tons. (The final quotas for 2018 will be set at ICCAT’s meeting that begins on


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