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'We're leaving!' May blasts Lib Dem in PMQs saying Brexit Britain will quit fishery policy by Chris Campbell October 12,2017   |  Source: Express

Theresa May blasted a Liberal Democrat MP during PMQs saying Britain will quit the Common Fisheries Policy as part of Brexit.

The Prime Minister held no prisoners as she said leaving the European Union meant exiting the Brussels bloc's fisheries policy.

Alistair Carmichael, MP for Orkney and Shetland, asked whether the UK would remain part of the agreement during its transitional period after Brexit in March 2019.

He said: “Is it the Prime Minister’s intention that the United Kingdom should remain part of the Common Fisheries Policy during any transitional period after we have left the European Union?”

But Theresa May hit back and said Britain would definitely leave the agreement.

She said: “When we leave the European Union, we will be leaving the Common Fisheries Policy.

"As part of the agreement that we need to enter for the implementation period, obviously this and other issues will be part of that agreement.

“But when we leave the European Union, we will leave the Common Fisheries Policy.”

The Prime Minister was quizzed about how she would vote in a second EU Referendum - but pointed out that is not happening.

Last night Mrs May, who backed Remain in last year's EU Referendum, was repeatedly questioned on how she would vote if there was


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