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Spain Fisheries Ministry presents new catch control system by mobile messaging September 14,2017   |  Source: FIS

Spain's Ministry of Fisheries will tomorrow present a new control system of catches to the fishing sector by means of an application that will allow the sailors to communicate them from the sea in real time with the mobile phone.

The General Secretariat of Fisheries convened representatives of the fleet to train them on Gescuota program, which enables fishermen to report their catches through a text message or via WhatsApp.

The Department has been working for months on the new computer system and the National Federation of Fishermen's Associations stressed that the new control method has arisen due to the request of the sector to know the quota used immediately since the current one generates problems such as sudden closure of fisheries.

The agency indicated that this application may be "especially" useful for species such as stingray, hake or mackerel.


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