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Oman agriculture ministry to kick off fisheries labs September 12,2017   |  Source: Times of Oman

Continuing the efforts of the Sultanate to promote economic diversification, the Fisheries Labs start on Sunday, September 17.

Government officials and experts, as well as representatives from the private sector will participate in the six week long exercise. The fisheries labs come as a government initiative given the importance of the sector, and it being one of the promising sectors included in the Ninth Five-Year Development Plan (2016-2020).

The labs are being organised by the Ministry of the Agriculture and Fisheries, in cooperation with the Implementation Support and Follow-up Unit.

The fisheries sector in the Sultanate witnessed a quantum leap during the past six years 2011-2016 represented in the growth rates of fish production, production value, contribution to GDP and other performance indicators, achieving rates higher than expected. The labs will focus on three main aspects to discuss and explore their challenges trying to come out with initiatives on aquaculture, catch, processing and export.

The artisanal fishermen are a vital part of the fisheries sector in the Sultanate as the artisanal fishing fleet contributes with a large percentage of fish production, which is estimated at 99 per cent of the total production.

The importance is not only

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