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Whitefish Symposium draws fisheries experts from around the world by Rick Olivo September 12,2017   |  Source: Ashland Daily Press

The humble whitefish, beloved of tourists at summer fish boils and the subject of dedicated pursuit by ice fishermen in Chequamegon Bay and elsewhere on Lake Superior, is also a fish along with its relatives the cisco and deepwater chubs that are of great economic importance.

Within the Great Lakes, they constitute nearly 36 percent of the total commercial fish harvest by weight, and according to fisheries experts, the processed value of this catch likely exceeds $100 million annually.

Known by their scientific family name as Coregonids, whitefish, cisco and deepwater chubs are found throughout the northern regions of the world. From The Canadian Arctic to the endless lakes and coasts of Russia, From Lake Baikal to Lake Superior, indigenous peoples, commercial fishermen, sports anglers and generally just plain lovers of fish throughout the region revere them.

Whitefish boils and fried whitefish, planked whitefish and baked whitefish are always welcome on the menu. Smoked chubs and cisco are a staple for Green Bay Packers football games on TV. But their importance is also a spiritual one for many Native Americans in the United States and Canadian First Nations peoples who rely on them as part of their subsistence. That is also true for indigenous peoples from Asia to


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