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Denmark appoints new fisheries minister as Brexit looms August 08,2017   |  Source: Undercurrent News

Denmak has appointed a new fisheries minister on the eve of the UK's Brexit negotiations with the EU.

Though not directly involved in the Brexit talks, Denmark lands a large part of its catch in what may become, post-Brexit, exclusively UK waters.

Hence the country is looking to an experienced negotiator, in the form of Karen Elleman.

"Danish fisheries are facing a cardinal challenge in Brexit. In Karen Ellemann, we've got a very experienced minister at the helm when Danish interests must be guided safely through negotiations with the UK on the future of fisheries in the North Atlantic," said Esben Sverdrup-Jensen of the Danish Pelagic Producers Organization.

He said the minister, based in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will have direct access to the country's civil service when it comes to international negotiations.

"We have long wanted a real fisheries minister with full focus on our part of the food chain, and we are very close to having that met with the appointment of Karen Ellemann."

Among her first tasks will be negotiations with the EU in October on the topic of 2018 fishing quotas in the Baltic Sea, and then in December come talks on North Sea pelagics.

On her Facebook page, Ellemann said:

"The prime minister has asked me to take


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