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Ghanian fishers commit to responsible fisheries November 28,2016   |  Source: Ghana News Agency

Fisheries Associations from communities in the four coastal Regions in Ghana have signed a compact agreement, pledging to promote and commit to responsible fishing practices.

The agreement, dubbed: “Fisherman to Fisherman (F2F) Compact”, has four main objectives; to help fight illegal fishing, unreported catches, unregulated fishing; and to promote responsible fishing towards food security.

It is also to assist the Fisheries Commission in the implementation of the National Fisheries Management Plan and to make women part of the decision making process in the management of fisheries.

The Association, comprising the Ghana National Canoe Fishermen Council (GNCFC), Ghana Industrial and Trawlers Association, National Fish Processors and Traders Association (NAFPTA) and the Ghana Inshore Fishers Association, signed the agreement at a ceremony to commemorate this year’s World Fisheries Day, on Tuesday.

Organised by the GNCFC and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Sustainable Fisheries Management Project (SFMP), the celebration featured photo exhibition and sale of fish products interspersed with cultural displays.

It was to highlight the importance of fisheries management and to encourage the participation of local fishing communities to


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