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Peru and the Chilean bogeyman by Nick Rosen March 27,2013   |  Source: Peru This Week

Most of Peru celebrated on Friday when the national soccer team won an important World Cup qualifier against arch-rival Chile. Yet in darkened living rooms around Lima, there must have been people sulking: a certain class of ad executive, public relations officer and political strategist, people who have used every Peruvian defeat to Chile, every feeling of fear towards Chile, every flare-up in the rivalry, to sell their clients’ agenda.

In 2011, before a Peru-Chile match in the Copa America, the National Society of Mining and Petroleum ran an ad starring former player and national team coach Juan Carlos Oblitas. Oblitas states, “My worst memory is when Chile eliminated us from the World Cup in 1997. That 4-0 still makes me angry. But Chile is not only beating us in football. In the world, Chile is in eighth place in attracting mining investment. Peru is in 48th place.” He then advocates decreasing the tax rate on mining companies in Peru so that they are lower than Chile's.

The ad was panned for its cheap chauvinism, its cynicism, and the fact that the statistics used were highly questionable.

Nevertheless, the tactic has not faded away. This month, it is the National Fishing Society that has turned jingoistic.

The guild, which represents the biggest fishing


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