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Reef life going great in west coast of India by Kalyan Ray March 26,2013   |  Source: DHNS

Indian scientists for the first time have observed and scientifically documented a rare and visually magnificent phenomenon known as coral spawning in Lakshadweep signalling good health of corals on the west coast.

Popularly known as “sex-on-the-reef”, coral spawning is sexual reproduction of corals, which involves mass collective expulsion of colourful eggs and sperm clouds into the water by corals. Normally taking place once a year close to a full moon night, the gametes then rise to the surface of the ocean creating a colourful slick, which can be seen clearly from the sky.

The slick was first observed by Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) marine biologist S Subburaman last week and a team from the Central Marine Fisheries and Research Institute (CMFRI), Kochi. Subsequent laboratory analysis confirmed them as coral spawn.

“It is now being seen over a large area. I have seen it in three islands and getting reports that spawn is now being seen around other islands,” Abdul Raheem, an environmental warden from Lakshadweep forest department told Deccan Herald on Tuesday.

Post-confirmation survey showed the larvae were seen forming slick-like layers around four islands – Agatti Island, Bangaram, Thinakara, and Kavarrati, according to a press statement issued by the


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