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Thailand rescues trafficked Burmese fishermen by THAN HTIKE OO March 25,2013   |  Source: THE IRRAWADDY

A total of 14 Burmese nationals who had been trafficked into Thailand’s fishing industry were rescued by the Thai authorities on Friday and Saturday of last week, bringing to 29 the total of those rescued so far this month.

According to sources in Kantang, a port town in southern Thailand’s Trang Province, 11 people were rescued on Friday, while three others were taken into custody on Saturday. Fifteen other Burmese were freed following a raid on March 10.

Thailand’s Department of Special Investigation (DSI) cooperated with Burma’s Labor Ministry and two local Burmese NGOs—the Myanmar Association Thailand (MAT) and the Foundation for Education Development—to rescue the workers, according to Kyaw Thaung, the director of MAT.

Kyaw Thaung said that one Burmese man has been arrested for human trafficking, while the rescued workers are being held at a local police station pending their deportation to Burma.

Most of the workers are in their 20s, although three are aged between 16 and 18.

The victims said they had entered Thailand with the help of brokers who promised them jobs at a chicken-processing plant, where they expected to be paid 10,000 baht (US $340) a month. Instead, they were sold into Thailand’s notoriously exploitative fishing industry, which


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