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Call to reject the expansion of Marine Harvest in the third biggest lake in Chile March 17,2013   |  Source: Ecoceanos News

In the middle of a strong rejection by the indigenous communities, civil organizations and the local authority, the multinational Marine Harvest attempt to expand their production centres of smolt in the Ranco lake, one of the three biggest in Chile and a main tourist destination in Los Ríos region, in the south of Chile. The Norwegian company is taking advantage of a series of loopholes in the law, of which one of them is to subdivide the application in a series of partial applications and reports. This with the purpose to prevent that it would perceive that cumulative impact it would make together in the already contaminated water of the lake.

After the big crisis of the ISA virus which affected the cultivating industry of salmon in 2007-2009, Marine Harvest is now returning back to normal to the legal situation of their cultivating centres in this area of lakes, in the way of expanding their intensive production of smolt. In April 2012 entered two environmental impact statements (EIS), which consider the installations of two big installations of floating cages and one plant of silage (for processing the dead fishes). Both projects deteriorate the landscape value as well as the touristy values in this area declared as zone of national tourist interest.

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