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New fisheries periodicals published by ICSF August 10,2012   |  Source: ICSF |  Alert Type(s): Samudra Exclusive

The Internationational Collective in Support of Fishworkers (ICSF) has just released the latest editions of two of its popular publications on fisheries – SAMUDRA Report, the triannual journal on fisheries, communities and livelihoods, and Yemaya, the unique newsletter on gender issues in fisheries.

SAMUDRA Report No. 62, dated July 2012, features articles from Africa, South and Central America, Asia and the United States (US), apart from reports on international conferences relating to small-scale fisheries and biodiversity.

The article on South Africa discusses the case of customary rights of fishermen in the Dwesa-Cwebe marine protected area (MPA), while sea piracy and armed sea robbery is the focus of the article from Nigeria.

How artisanal fishworkers are mobilizing to defend their territories through a campaign for a new bill of rights is the topic of the article from Brazil.

Efforts are on in parts of the US to forge innovations to maintain working waterfronts and safeguard fishing livelihoods and communities, according to another article, while in Indonesia fishers have fought to get annulled the inequitable provisions in a coastal area management act. In neighbouring Malaysia, according to another article in SAMUDRA Report No. 62, the aquaculture


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