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China promises relief to fisheries affected by plastic pellets spillage by Li Liku August 09,2012   |  Source: China Daily

Hong Kong Chief Secretary Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor on Wednesday said the government will offer relief to those in the fisheries industry, who were affected by the spillage of plastic pellet during typhoon Vicente. She also said efforts will be undertaken to try to determine who should be held responsible for the incident and subsequent cleanup.

Lam spoke to workers at a fish farm at Chi Ma Wan, one of the five fish culture zones affected by the spill. About 150 tons of plastic pellets spilled into Hong Kong's southern waters when several containers fell into the sea during the typhoon two weeks ago. It was the first Signal 10 typhoon to strike the city in 13 years.

During Lam's visit to the farm, several plastic pellets were found inside the stomach of a fish after workers offered to dissect the fish on site.

"The Department of Justice and the Marine Departments are working together and tracing the whole incident and looking at various parties involved to find out who is responsible and whether any remedial measures have been taken," said Lam.

Stressing that the fish are not harmful, since the pellets are not toxic; Lam said the government still needs to find out whether swallowing the pellets will affect the growth of the fish.

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