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Chinese fishermen affected by oil spill seek justice through US courts by Matt Russell July 11,2012   |  Source: Ultimate Memorial

Thirty fishermen whose livelihood from the Bohai Sea have been destroyed by the 2011 ConocoPhillips oil spill have sought legal representation by Louisiana and Texas attorneys.

The move came after the Chinese fishermen learned of the ongoing legal fight by Louisiana and Gulf Coast fishermen affected by the 2010 BP environmental disaster. The group is now headed to U.S. District Court, Southern Division of Texas to seek relief.

The legal team assisting the fishermen is headed by Stuart Smith, Smith Stag LLC of New Orleans, and attorneys Tom and Kelly Bilek of Houston. Proceedings to help the fishermen have been filed despite ConocoPhillips issuing reports claiming no evidence of environmental pollution in the Bohai region.

Bohai Bay is the innermost inlet of the Yellow Sea, east of Beijing. Its waters are breeding grounds for scallops, clams, crabs and other types of seafood. Recently, it has also become known for offshore oil deposits. Six rigs in the Penglai 19-3 oil patch are owned by ConocoPhillips. The Chinese government initially refused to acknowledge the series of oil leaks, which began in the Bohai Bay in June 2011.

Smith said in a press release that the Chinese court system is characterized by a lack of due process and impartiality in judicial proceedings


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