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'Global warming could unleash more violent storms' July 11,2012   |  Source: Zee News

Global warming could unleash more violent thunderstorms, flash floods and forest fires in the coming years, according to an Israeli researcher.

The Tel Aviv University (TAU) researcher has predicted that for every one degree Celsius of warming, there will be approximately a 10 percent increase in lightning activity.

This could have negative consequences in the form of flash floods, wild fires, or damage to power lines and other infrastructure, says Colin Price, TAU professor and head of geophysics, atmospheric and planetary Sciences.

Under an ongoing project on the impact of climate change on lightning and thunderstorm patterns, he and his colleagues have run computer climate models and studied real life examples of climate change, such as the El Nino cycle in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, to determine how changing weather conditions impact storms, the Journal of Geophysical Research and Atmospheric Research reports.

An increase in lightning activity will have particular impact in areas that become warmer and drier as global warming progresses, including the Mediterranean and the southern United States, according to the 2007 United Nations report on climate change, a TAU statement said.

When running their state of the art computer models, Price and fellow


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