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Kenya: 500 fishermen flee Lake Turkana due to insecurity by Mathews Ndanyi July 03,2012   |  Source: The Star

More than 500 fishermen have fled from Lake Turkana following the killing of three of their colleagues by militiamen from the Merille tribe in Ethiopia. Fishing activities on the lake have been paralysed following a spate of attacks in areas on the Kenya-Ethiopia border.

Both Kenya and Ethiopia have deployed security teams to patrol the lake. Clashes between fishermen from the two countries have, in the last one week, led to the killing of six people including three Ethiopians. "The situation is under control as at now but there is still tension on the lake where fishing activities have been extensively affected," Turkana North DC Albert Mwilitsa said.

Three Kenyan fishermen were attacked and shot dead on the shores of the lake. Mwilitsa said although tension is high in the area, security teams deployed on the lake by both countries are working to restore calm. "Fishing activities cannot flourish with insecurity all over. We have agreed that we need to jointly restore the security situation so that our people can engage in commercial fishing activities," Mwilitsa said.

Last week a motor boat belonging to the militiamen was sunk by the Kenyan fishermen during fighting between fishermen and the militiamen. Mwilitsa could not confirm reports that the three people killed


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