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New Zealand Fisheries estimates up to $1.4m of fish dumped by trawler by David Clarkson June 19,2012   |  Source: Courtnews.co.nz

Fisheries officials in New Zealand estimates up to $1.4 million worth of fish was dumped at sea during the foreign trawler Oyang 75’s two fishing trips off the South Island.

The taking of evidence was completed in a formal proof hearing against five Korean officers of the fishing vessel at the Christchurch District Court today.

The formal proof process is being used because none of the defendants have returned to New Zealand from overseas to face the charges. However, the Crown is holding the bond under which the Oyang 75 was released from seizure.

Judge David Saunders has been hearing the evidence in stages over the last nine days and today reserved his decision.

Since the hearing began, Fisheries has estimated the amount of fish which was illegally dumped at sea as being worth between $755,000 and $1.4 million.

Fishery analyst Damien Johnson told the court it was estimated that between 330 tonnes and 600 tonnes of fish was discarded over the two trips the Oyang 75 made in 2011.

The court was read evidence from fisheries observer Susannah Barham, who was aboard the Oyang 75 on its second trip when it put in at Lyttelton because of mechanical issues. Barham is overseas at present.

She told of a series of incidents in which she saw quota fish being


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